Friday, January 11, 2013

"Peas" be my Valentine Airheads Tutorial

 Valentines Day is a month away, so I thought I'd get started on some fun ideas.
Today my daughter and I decided to make some peas in a pod candies using Airheads.

We started by shopping for some candy. We bought some Airheads. We bought Watermelon flavor for the green pod, and Strawberry flavor because it was a yummy treat to eat while we made our peas.

We also bought some Runts. We used the Green apple Runts as the peas in our pods. You could also use sixlets, or green jelly belly's instead. We thought the Runts would look cute.

We cut our green Airheads in half and stuck 3 of the candy apple runts in the center.

 Then we squeezed the end of each pea pod together.
 Using some kitchen food scissors we cut off the edges of each pod.

 After we finished our peas, we printed out some little heart shaped tags that say "Peas be my Valentine". CLICK HERE to download a free pdf printable named "peas_valentine.pdf  This will print onto a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of card-stock. There are 28 hearts per sheet.

Next, we cut out the hearts, wrapped the peas in some cellophane, and tied the hearts to the peas using some thin red ribbon.
Simple to make, Cute to look at, Punny, and Yummy to eat!