Thursday, October 20, 2016

DIY Felt Black Cat Halloween Lights

I changed this summer wreath into a cute Halloween wreath with these black cat lights I made. You can make them too. It's easy and inexpensive.
First you'll need a few supplies:

1) One piece of Black Stiff Felt
2) Gold Metallic Acrylic paint. I used Deco Arts Champagne Gold.
3) Orange Mini Lights
4) A pair of Scissors
5) Black Cat Pattern

After you have all your supplies, you'll want to download & print out the black cat pattern.

A) Cut the cat shape out of your printout.
B) Using a pencil, trace the cat shape onto your black felt. You'll need ten cats.
C) Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the cats out of your felt.
D) Paint the face onto the felt using a pretty metallic acrylic paint.
E) After the paint has dried. Use the sharp edge of your scissors to punch a small hole for the light to pop through.
F) Push a light through each hole for the eyes.
G) Hang your cat lights on a wreath, fireplace mantel, or any where you'd like to add some Halloween fun.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Stencils featured on 
Check out this article by British fashion stylist and designer Fred Butler on
He has some tips on great new Interior design styles.
A few of our stencils are featured in his article.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I love this bag from Made by Hank.

& this social stationery from Rifle Paper Co.

These Gold Crown Baking cups from Bake it Pretty would be perfect for making cute cupcakes for your mom this year!

Pretty watercolor Mother's Day card from Mooseberry Print Shop.