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holly jones Holly Jones is an Illustrator, Designer, Entrepreneur, and Mom. Holly has been illustrating professionally for over 10 years. She also works with her husband designing and creating new and unique products that they sell on their websites and at local boutiques. Holly has two little girls, and resides in South Jordan, Utah.
               Photo by Heather Tycksen.
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  1. Hi Holly,
    I'm AngieandSnoopy on 2 peas,I'm the one with the little pile of Dachshunds in my signature. We chatted back and forth on peamail about your penguin stamp that you had planned on coming out with. This was in 2008 and 2009 so you may or may not remember! After a while, I just forgot to check, sometimes life just gets busy.

    Last week, I was going through the old peamails, deleting some to make room when I found the ones from you. When I saw your name, I remembered what our peamails were about, clicked on it and went to your website.

    I saw that you were closing it out and went to check on the penguin stamp and found out it was still available, started checking around to see what else I could order with it. Unfortunately, the Chocolate and Snowflake stamps were sold out BUT you had the Puppy Pals with the Dachshund.

    I immediately bought two of it and one of the penguin, I was afraid the Puppy Pal would sell out if I waited another moment! Fortunately, I had enough in PayPal.

    I like this one because it doesn't look anything like the others, this one makes me think of the little balloon animal Dachshund AND he looks like he is begging. A typical Dachshund pose. They came today and stamp beautifully.

    I'm sorry you're shutting down. I just wanted to say I finally got the penguin and love my Puppy Pals stamps. Just wish I'd found it soon enough to get the other two. In fact, I'm kicking myself that I didn't see that Ahoy had a lighthouse. My friend that the 2nd Puppy Pal stamps is for loves lighthouses.