Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy Bee Chore Chart for the new year

I designed this chore chart for my kids several years ago, but we've moved a few times since then. I can't find it anywhere. Since I'm making a new one for my kids, I thought I'd share this printable activity chart with my blog followers.  CLICK HERE to download a high resolution printable PDF file with instructions. Download should start automatically. Name of file is: Busy_Bee_Chores.pdf


1: Print the “Busy Bee’s Activities” chart onto card-stock. It fits perfectly on a standard 8.5” x 11” paper.

2: Have the printed card-stock laminated or put a clear contact paper over the images for extra protection. Feel free to skip this step if you wish.

3: Cut out beehive & bee’s.

4: If you wish, you can add glitter or embellishments.

5: Glue some magnets to the back the beehive & one magnet to each bee.

6: Print or write some activities and/or chores onto a small piece of paper.
Here is a list of some activity ideas. Feel free to add any that would work for your child’s age.

•Read a book with mom.  •Help mom make cookies.  •Clean all the mirrors in the bathrooms.  •go tickle dad. •Count how many times you can find the word “the” in your favorite book. •Practice sight words. •jump 10 times.  •Make pudding pops.  •Write a letter to Grandma.  •Choose a game to play with mom. •Enjoy a yummy snack.  •Complete a worksheet •Complete a (be specific) craft project. •Learn to tie your shoe. •Cut out your favorite pictures from some junk mail or old magazines. •Make up a story about your favorite animal.

7: Fold the small paper in half (so that your child can’t see what he/she is picking) and place behind each magnet.
Be sure to change out activities on a daily basis to fit your needs and to keep your child interested.

8: Set aside a time each day or week for child to complete the activities.
Here are some rules:
   •The child can pick any bee that he/she wants to.  The child has to complete the chore or activity before moving on to the next bee.
   •I usually let my kids pick 6 bee’s a day. I always include something fun, something educational, a chore, &  a physical activity.

I hope you and your children enjoy these fun activities together.
(You may link to my blog post, but please do not re-distribute without my permission.)

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