Thursday, December 26, 2013

DIY - Sparky New Year's Eve Banner

 Now that Christmas is over, it's time to start thinking about the New Year! Here's a fast and easy to make sparkly banner tutorial to help ring in the New Year in style.
1. Glue gun and glue.
2. Sparkly string or ribbon.
3. Glittery papers.
4. Sequins, Cabochons, or other sparkly nick-knacks.
5. Star shaped paper punch.

1- Using glittery paper, or gift wrap, cut long strips in different lengths.
2- Wrap the strips around a pencil to "curl" them. If they need help staying curled, use a glue gun to glue the curls in place.

3- Use your star shaped paper punch to punch out glitter star shapes.
4- Gather sparkly cabochons, and other decorations found at your local craft shop.

5- Cut different size triangle shapes from out of your sparkly paper.
6- Use your hot glue gun to glue each shape to your sparkly string or ribbon.
7- Hang & Celebrate!

If you are interested in making the DIY New Years Eve hat & tiara (Shown in the photo above), visit Snap's blog to find my Hat and tiara tutorial.

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