Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIY Felt Snowflake banner Tutorial & Pattern

I'm re-posting my most popular tutorial from almost 5 years ago. Somehow between all those years, all our moves, and all our computer crashes, the downloadable file was damaged.
So, by popular request, I've recreated it for you to download. FREE!

I'm not going to lie. It takes a long time to cut out all these snowflakes. But it's worth it. This banner is also very inexpensive to make.

You will need some "Stiff Felt" in white or your desired color, some Ric-rac or ribbon, sharp scissors, a hot glue gun, sequins, or any fun embellishments you might have. 

1) CLICK HERE to Download and print this 2 page PDF file.
This will be the pattern for your snowflakes.
2) Cut out the paper snowflakes for a pattern.
3) Trace Pattern onto some stiff felt.
4) Cut snowflakes out of stiff felt.
5) Use a hot glue gun to glue sequins or embellishments to the center of each snowflake.
6) Glue each snowflake to ric rac or ribbon to make your snowflake garland.
7) Find a fun place to hang your garland and enjoy!

Note, snowflakes take a little time to cut out. I like to cut them while watching my favorite movie.
Please feel free to share my pictures and this tutorial with your friends. Please direct them to this website to download the snowflake patterns, as the pattern is not intended for
re-distribution or re-sell. Thanks!

This is me way back when, showing my snowflake banner on Studio 5.


  1. How much felt is needed to make the garland that is in the first picture (the one on the hutch)? Im making this for our Christmas pictures.

  2. Hi Ashley, I think I used 3 or 4 pieces of the larger stiff felt sheets that you can buy at Hobby Lobby.

    1. How large are their stiffened felt sheets? I don't have a Hobby Lobby near me and I can only find 9 X 12" sheets near me. Thank you and this is adorable!

    2. I'm trying to make this to hang across a large computer lab classroom and it would be much better if I could purchase larger sheets than 9 X 12". The banner will probably be around 30 feet or so. Lots of tracing and cutting, whew! lol

  3. What did you use to trace on the felt? Your lines are so clean! It is a beautiful project.

  4. I would also like to know what you used to trace on the felt, thank you!

  5. I used a #2 pencil to trace the snowflakes onto the felt :) Brandy Wilkes & maman Stroeve

  6. How long would you say it takes to make this project? I love it!

  7. What did you use to cut them out - scissors or an exacto blade? Thanks!!

  8. This is so beutifull.. I will this winter try to do some. Any template how to cut out this ric rac/ribbon ? Thank you

  9. Really beautiful, lovely idea, thanks

  10. So beautiful. Great idea for materials. Thank you for sharing. Will do at our house!

  11. Hello! These are absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect for my sisters baby shower in December :) However, the link will not open for me :( Could you help me?